Day of the Dead Shoebox Altar



An altar is a space used to place all the wonderful things that remind you of those who have passed. It consists of pictures, candles, flowers, treats, and of course yummy foods.

They are considered offerings to the dead who come to visit us on this one magical day.

To make your own Day of the Dead Shoebox Altar you need:

–Shoe-box of any size

–Paper or wrapping paper to cover your box

–Pictures of passed loved ones

–Items loved ones enjoyed -remember anything counts as an offering

–Candle (LED please)

–Tissue for flowers- optional, but flowers play a big part in the decor of an altar. You can also use fake flowers.

To build your altar:

1- Wrap you box in paper. It’s nice to use bright colors perhaps even colors your loved ones liked.

2-Place your pictures. It’s best to adhere them to the inside wall of the box. We used Popsicle sticks to create frames. It was a nice touch to decorate.

3. Place any other decor. We used wooden crosses, religious saint pictures and lots of hearts and gems.

4. Add other treats and foods. Anything from chocolates to chips to real food.

5. Lastly add some non-lit candles and make some tissue paper flores, flowers.

Due: Friday, November 1st, 2013


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